How Does it Work?

Gutters become clogged when leaves and debris fall onto your roof and accumulate in the gutters. When it rains, debris in your gutters causes your downspouts to clog and your gutters to overflow. This causes rot and damage to your home, lawn, basement and landscaping.
Gutter Helmet® patented nose-forward design prevents leaves and debris from entering your gutter system. Your Gutter Helmet® system channels rainwater around the nose-forward panel and through a precise 3/8″ horizontal slit. In turn, the principles of gravity and surface tension combine to allow rainwater to flow into your gutters and leaves and debris to fall harmlessly to the ground below. Don’t be fooled, not all gutter protection systems perform like Gutter Helmet®, the First, the Best, the #1 gutter protection system in the world!


Every home is unique and your Gutter Helmet® installer has the option of several special-purpose reinforced heavy gauge installation brackets, each engineered with a special purpose: to strengthen and support your gutter system, even in the heaviest of snowfalls. This system also prevents entry to birds and animals while able to withstand the heaviest rainfall ever recorded. Gutter Helmet® professional installers are also trained in fascia-mounted systems that do not touch the roof at all; ideal for expensive slate, shake and metal roofing. The ‘other guys’ usually have a single bracket design or installation method that encourages a “one-size-fits-all” approach to every home, even yours!


Gutter Helmet®’s patented metal texturing process and horizontal-rib design is precisely engineered to provide maximum strength, maximum performance and minimum weight and stress onto the gutters of your home (especially when used with our patented brackets) over similar non-textured, non ribbed products. And, Gutter Helmet® is specially Kynar© coated to not only resist scratching, cracking and peeling, but to also neutralize the harmful effects of UV light and acid rain without perceptible fade for 20 years! Products coated with enamels, polyesters or similar applications just cannot stand up to the Gutter Helmet® PermaLife coating with special stain inhibitors.

The Industry Leader

Gutter Helmet® pioneered the professional gutter protection market over 30 years ago and is the industry leader, installing more quality systems over existing gutters than every other competitor with over 60 million feet of Gutter Helmet® installed. Many products and companies have come and gone over the last 30 years, but Gutter Helmet® remains committed to you, our current and future happy customers.

How much does a professionally installed Gutter Helmet® system cost?

The installation cost is determined by many factors. All installations include an inspection and tune-up of your existing gutters – cleaning, sealing, re-pitching and adding hangers as needed. Other factors affecting cost include: local laws and codes, number of stories of your home; the need for special equipment to perform the installation (due to the lay of the land or other variables); the condition of your roof; the necessity of fascia repair and replacement; and the linear feet of gutters and number of corners on your home. The inspection of your home by a professional Gutter Helmet® dealer is necessary to provide a fair and accurate installation estimate. Call your dealer today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Why do I need Gutter Helmet®?

You avoid the muck and hassle of cleaning gutters yourself. You avoid the dangers of climbing a shaky ladder. You avoid the liability of having someone else clean your gutters. You help prevent clogged and overflowing gutters that can lead to rot and damage of landscaping, lawn, shrubbery, walls, fascia boards and soffit, foundation, basement, crawl spaces and existing gutter system. Stop worrying about your gutters and start enjoying the peace of mind that a Gutter Helmet® system provides. With Gutter Helmet®, you’ll Never Clean Your Gutters Again!®

Will Gutter Helmet® affect my roof warranty?

No. Gutter Helmet® is expertly and professionally installed using the industry’s highest quality poly-butyl sealant and Dacromet®-coated fasteners. Gutter Helmet® provides our installers with a choice of installation methods, some that do not touch the roof at all! Finally, our installation procedures and methods have been evaluated and approved by major roofing manufacturers. How does Gutter Helmet® compare to screens and other products on the market?

The big difference is that other gutter protection products, like screens or grates, have vertical slots, louvers or other openings. No matter what, these openings allow leaves and debris to clog your gutters.

On the other hand, Gutter Helmet’s unique, multi-patented design has no vertical openings that can allow debris to enter your gutters. Gravity causes leaves and debris to fall harmlessly to the ground, while water surface tension causes water to flow around the exclusive cover design and back into your gutters.

My roof is very steep. Just how much rain can a Gutter Helmet® system handle?

The angle of the roof slope is called the pitch. Gutter Helmet® has been engineered with a variety of installation techniques to perform on any pitch roof slope, from flat to almost vertical. Rest assured that rainwater will flow into your Gutter Helmet®-protected gutters, regardless of the pitch. Gutter Helmet is designed to handle up to 22” of rain per hour, quite a bit more than even your gutters can handle. The fact is that it has never rained more than 12″ in a single hour in the United States, well below the capacity that Gutter Helmet will handle.

What colors are available?

Gutter Helmet® is designed to blend into the natural architectural style of your home. A wide selection of colors are available to blend with your roof shingles so that an installed system becomes an almost invisible year-round protection from the damage caused by overflowing or clogged gutters.

Will Gutter Helmet® prevent ice dams?

In most cases, ice dams form due to lack of proper ventilation and/or poor insulation. Although in some situations Gutter Helmet® may help to prevent an ice dam from forming, there is no absolute way to prevent all ice dams. Because the ice that used to accumulate in your gutters now goes over the Gutter Helmet panels, some customers report an increase in icicles. Gutter Helmet prevents the damage to your gutters caused by ice buildup and freeze-thaw expansion. Icicles are an indication that Gutter Helmet is protecting the investment in your guttering system and are not indicative of performance failure.

If that is a concern to you, Gutter Helmet® offers an exclusive Helmet-Heat option to prevent icicles and help prevent the damage caused by ice dams. Contact your Professional Gutter Helmet® dealer for more information.

Will Gutter Helmet® work in heavy snows?

Gutter Helmet® is precision-engineered to work well in heavy snowfalls. Gutter Helmet® has been proven on thousands of homes in the heavy snow-load regions of Canada, New York, Minnesota and New England states.

How is Gutter Helmet® installed?

Gutter Helmet® is custom-fitted to your home by trained installers who clean, seal, check and adjust the alignment of your gutter system, as needed. Gutter Helmet® is expertly installed with heavy gauge reinforced support brackets, (several models available, each designed for an expert, custom installation.) Gutter Helmet® panels are individually prepared and custom-fitted over your full-sized gutters. Panels are then securely installed under or over shingles, depending on a professional dealer inspection of your home. Upon completion and final inspection, the site is restored to its original condition. In most cases, installation can be completed in just one day.

What is the warranty for Gutter Helmet®?

With your registered warranty, you are provided a transferable lifetime materials and a product performance warranty. Through the extensive Gutter Helmet® dealer network, you are also provided a lifetime service warranty. Your local dealer will provide you with a copy of the written warranty that will explain all the details. The warranty must be registered when you purchase Gutter Helmet® to take advantage of all warranty benefits.

If you do not receive a warranty card, please contact your dealer.

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