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lead-consultantsYour Consultant has been trained to diagnose a homeowner’s problem, and prescribe the appropriate solution.

Hello I’m Jim Basey

I am a retired police officer with 35 years of service. I am married to my wife Victoria. We have one daughter, 3 grandchildren , and patiently awaiting our first great grandchild.

I have been with Gutter Helmet since 2000. I love working with Gutter Helmet. I love helping my customers solve their gutter problems while protecting their home.

Hello I’m Bill Pryor

I’m a retired US army officer with 27 years of active duty. I’ve been married to my wife Karon for over 50 years. Karon and I have three grown children and 7 grandsons.

I’ve been with Gutter Helmet for over 15 years. I do this because I love my Gutter Helmet customers, I love helping them get off the ladder, I love helping them never clean their gutters again and most importantly, I love helping them save money.

I appreciate your interest and hope to see you soon!

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