The Problem

What is the single most damaging element in your home today? Here are some clues: It causes cracks in plaster and wallboard-especially over windows and doors. It causes doors to catch and stick. It is the reason for mildew on window sills and in showers and the reason why basements and crawl spaces reek with smell thriving fungus, MOLD and bacteria.

It is the primary reason for rust and corrosion both inside and outside your home and it is what puddles in your crawlspace or basement during heavy rain or if you leave the garden hose running for too long. But there is something you may not realize about water that can cause an interesting kind of damage that you may never have thought about before.

Did you know when a termite looks at your home it sees dinner? Did you know that when a termite sees a wet home it no longer sees dinner it sees a buffet! That’s no joke!

What can you do to protect your investment?

Follow these steps:

  1. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean at ALL times. If you don’t have gutters, add them. All the water that collects on the roof ends up around your foundation when gutters are clogged or when they don’t exist.
  2. A downspout that discharges water near the foundation is a NO-NO. We call that selective flooding and nothing will promote the growth of mold and fungus or attract termites faster.
  3. Check your roof and gutters after every storm even in the winter months. Make sure the HIGHEST point of your home remains dry. look for split or missing shingles, sand at the downspout exit and piles of debris that collect especially in the valleys of your roof that can dam or hold back the water that can cause flooding even in light rain.
  4. Remember to keep a good coat of paint to protect your wood siding from water attack.
  5. You might consider hiring a professional if you are not comfortable doing these things yourself. It will ALWAYS be cheaper to hire PREVENTION than it will be to make costly repairs later.

It Can Be Done

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