Why Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet is a multi-patented closed gutter protection system that installs over new gutters or your existing full-size gutters. It is designed to protect your home from the destructive and damaging effects of rainwater. Gutter Helmet directs rainwater into the roof’s gutter through a continuous 3/8″ horizontal opening and because there are no vertical openings, leaves and debris are forced over the edge and fall to the ground.

Gutter Helmet can handle twice as much rain as has ever been recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau…more than 22″ of rain per hour! Gutter Helmet is the strongest gutter protection system on the market and is engineered to last a lifetime. With 7 design patents, Gutter Helmet has helped reduce the maintenance on more homes than all other gutter guard systems… combined!

Does Gutter Helmet work on all roofs?

Gutter Helmet has also been successfully installed on low pitched and flat roofs as well as on very steep pitched and mansard roofs. This is due to the physics behind the design of Gutter Helmet which depends on the concept of molecular water adhesion or surface tension. As long as the rainwater coming off the roof flows over top of the Gutter Helmet panel, it will be directed around the “nose” and into the gutter.

Unusual roof style or install?

Just about every home presents a unique situation. This is why we need to send a qualified consultant out to evaluate each home to see which specific installation process will be necessary to complete your gutter protection system.

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